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Good Traits of a Compare And Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essays are those that attempt to discuss the divergent and same traits, usually between two items. Typically, the compare and contrast items normally fall under a similar group but divergent characteristics as well.

An essay discussing two subjects can be challenging for many college students, hence most turn to online writing service to compare and contrast writers who can write professional essays. Indeed, any type of essay requires one to:

  • Decide on a topic
  • Undertake adequate research
  • Write a thesis statement
  • Compile a draft paper, and
  • Edit the draft for clarity before submission

Our compare and contrast experts are already conversant with requirements for quality essays; hence will do a great job with all your papers. Moreover, we can customize your piece according to your instructions at a reasonable price that is friendly to most students. You can visit our website to find out more.

A Compelling Compare and Contrast Essay Requires Adequate Exploration

Coming up with an excellent compare and contrast presentation is a skill many learn over time through practice. Professional writers like ourselves already understand what is needed in a great essay, hence spend little time in completing one. Our experts can write you a very compelling quality essay within a short time. You should consider hiring us if you are running late. We are very proficient in handling urgent papers upon request.

Here is a guideline for developing an excellent essay:

  • Decide on the items to discuss in the essay. Compare and contrast items need to be different, albeit of the same type, so that comparing them becomes feasible. E.g., if the essay involves two modes of transport, it is better to talk about a personal car compared to a public bus, instead of comparing a car to a bicycle.
  • Quickly brainstorm on traits of both compare and contrast items. Here, consider drafting two columns: one for listing similar characteristics and the other column for listing down the differences.
  • Settle on a distinct argument. An excellent essay often contains a primary argument that is intended as the guiding argument of the compare and contrast paper. Here, the writer should extend his or her view beyond the ordinary traits of both items and instead settle on a vital aspect, which eventually forms the core argument.
  • Choose a reasonable essay structure. An example is writing one paragraph about the related traits of an item and another paragraph that discusses the divergent traits. Moreover, you could compare and contrast the subject’s qualities in independent paragraphs, and then make a comparison of the traits later.
  • Create a good essay outline showing what shall be covered in the compare and contrast task. An outline prevents straying away from the main points.
  • Indicate supporting evidence by citing in the essay. Evidence is important for backing up the claims you write about hence ensuring assertiveness.
  • Use transitional words within the essay. These help in achieving a smooth flow from one sentence to the other or one idea to another.
  • Edit and proofread to polish the essay. A fundamental rule of thumb is proofreading your work. Avoid feeling too confident to submit the paper as it is, but instead, go through it and amend accordingly.

Our compare and contrast experts usually provide quality essays that do not need further editing. Try us!

Compare and Contrast Essay Structure Can Vary Depending on the Writer

There are two common structures:

  • The point-by-point compare and contrast method assumes a format, which entails discussing a differing trait or a similar one in both items, and then immediately followed by the corresponding divergent or similar trait of the other item.
  • Block structure for compare and contrast assignments follows an approach whereby the entire details regarding one subject is done first, and then details of the comparing item follow afterward.

Both compare, and contrast structures possess various strengths and weaknesses.

Our writers are conversant with both structures, and students can decide whichever they want or leave experts use their creativity. Our compare and contrast service is designed to cater to all your needs and at a fantastic price.

Steps Needed to Write Compare and Contrast Essay

Excellent essays require adequate research and planning. Our compare and contrast experts advise that unique papers require the writer to come up with an outline to guide the entire essay. Sadly, many college learners often begin writing with only the topic in mind.

Many students often get stuck in the middle of their essays because of running out of compare and contrast ideas. Hence, an outline is mandatory.

Consider the Below Compare and Contrast Essay Topics as Examples

  • Hybrid vs. Petrol cars essay
  • Online vs. Traditional learning essay
  • Fascism vs. Fascism
  • Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola essay
  • Hitchhiking or Personal means?
  • Article vs. Academic writing
  • Hip-hop vs. Rock music essay

Our compare and contrast professional writers often create a compelling subject depending on your instructions. There’s only a small price to pay for the essay, and you’ll get an excellent paper when you choose our writing service.

Compare and Contrast Essay Examples Are Many – Here Is One Example

Students in college can write essays on a variety of compare and contrast topics as instructed by the professor. Our compare and contrast experts understand what is needed in a good piece; hence, we will write a quality essay. See the below compare and contrast writing examples on “good vs. bad bosses.”

‘Good bosses often motivate their employees to work hard and often recognize their subtle contributions to the firm’s excellence. Conversely, bad bosses demotivate employees who eventually underperform. Good bosses are also empathetic and understand their employees’ innate emotions hence assign them roles accordingly. Contrarily, bad bosses care less about their employees’ emotions and often punish them in case of weird behavior at work without caring about their emotional needs.’

Contact our essay experts for any form of compare and contrast writing service, and we will write you a great essay at a reasonable price.